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This is a gate file to Hunter package manager.


  • Copy file HunterGate.cmake to project
  • Include gate file: include("cmake/HunterGate.cmake")
  • Put any valid Hunter archive with SHA1 hash:
    URL ""
    SHA1 "e730118c7ec65126398f8d4f09daf9366791ede0"

Usage (custom config)

Optionally custom config.cmake file can be specified. File may has different locations:

  • GLOBAL. The one from Hunter archive:
    URL ""
    SHA1 "e730118c7ec65126398f8d4f09daf9366791ede0"
    GLOBAL myconfig
        # load `${HUNTER_SELF}/cmake/configs/myconfig.cmake` instead of
        # default `${HUNTER_SELF}/cmake/configs/default.cmake`
  • LOCAL. Default local config.
    URL ""
    SHA1 "e730118c7ec65126398f8d4f09daf9366791ede0"
    LOCAL # load `${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/cmake/Hunter/config.cmake`
  • FILEPATH. Any location.
    URL ""
    SHA1 "e730118c7ec65126398f8d4f09daf9366791ede0"
    FILEPATH "/any/path/to/config.cmake"


  • If you're in process of patching Hunter and have a HUNTER_ROOT pointed to git repository location then HunterGate will not use URL and SHA1 values. It means when you update SHA1 of Hunter archive new commits/fixes will not be applied at all. In this case you have to update your git repo manually (i.e. do git pull)
  • You don't need to specify hunter_config command for all projects. Set version of the package you're interested in - others will be used from default config.cmake.
  • If you want to get full control of what Hunter-SHA1 root directories you want to auto-install you can set HUNTER_DISABLE_AUTOINSTALL environment variable and use HUNTER_RUN_INSTALL=YES CMake variable to allow installations explicitly.


  • Try to detect Hunter:
  • test CMake variable HUNTER_ROOT (control, shared downloads and builds)
  • test environment variable HUNTER_ROOT (recommended: control, shared downloads and builds)
  • test directory ${HOME}/.hunter (shared downloads and builds)
  • test directory ${SYSTEMDRIVE}/.hunter (shared downloads and builds, windows only)
  • test directory ${USERPROFILE}/.hunter (shared downloads and builds, windows only)
  • Set HUNTER_GATE_* variables
  • Include Hunter master file include("${HUNTER_SELF}/cmake/Hunter")

Flowchart (for developers)