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Password Manager made with NodeJs, SQLite, React, Redux, Redux-saga, Redux-auth-wrapper
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Work in Progress. PWault is a password vault based on NodeJs, SQLite and React/Redux/Redux-Saga and simply generates password and saves them with related information like website url, email, username, website favicon and additional information. Frontend is based on React Boilerplate. React semantic-ui is used in frontend.


  • Bookmarklet support: You can drag bookmarklet to bookmarks and when you click the bookmarklet on a website, PWault will search existed passwords using domain and will list those entries(domains and subdomains may need different passwords)
  • Favicon support: Automatically gets the favicon when url is set in the form and saves DB as base64 image
  • Revealing passwords
  • Copy button that copies to clipboard
  • Password Generator: Adjustable length, string, numeric, punctuation for generation
  • Redux-auth-wrapper is used for authorization of pages


  • Encryption is not implemented yet, only CRUD of passwords/websites are implemented
  • Multiple User support needed, login is test & test for now
  • Category support is needed


Frontend and Backend environment is decoupled. Npm install is needed in both frontend and backend folder. .env file needs to be defined from .env-sample

  • Root directory
npm install and npm start for parallel start of dev environment
  • Frontend
cd frontend 
npm install / yarn install
  • Backend
cd backend 
npm install


  • Frontend Folder
npm run build
  • Backend Folder
NODE_ENV=production node index //PM2 can be used

Nodejs can automatically serve static files from build folder in its port. No need for static server like Apache/Nginx.

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