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Font Awesome SVG - PHP

A PHP class that can be used to add Font Awesome 5+'s SVG icons inline without Javascript.


You can install it using Composer:

composer require husseinalhammad/fontawesome-svg

Or you can download the FontAwesomeSVG.php file and include it manually.



  • Download Font Awesome (Free or Pro)
  • Get the folder advanced-options/raw-svg and place it in your project
  • Add svg-with-js/css/fa-svg-with-js to your document (or write your own CSS)


// $dir = directory where SVG files are
$FA = new FontAwesomeSVG($dir);

echo $FA->get_svg('fas fa-file');

Add custom classes:

echo $FA->get_svg('fas fa-file', ['class' => 'my-custom-class another-class']);

Remove default class .svg-inline--fa:

echo $FA->get_svg('fas fa-file', ['default_class' => false]);

Change <path> fill (default is currentColor):

echo $FA->get_svg('fas fa-file', ['fill' => '#f44336']);

Add <title></title>:

echo $FA->get_svg('fas fa-file', ['title' => 'My accessible icon']);

Multiple options at once:

echo $FA->get_svg('fas fa-file', [
    'class' => 'my-custom-class another-class',
    'default_class' => false,
    'title' => 'My title',
    'role' => 'img',
    'fill' => '#ffffff',
Option What it means
class Adds classes to the SVG tag
default_class If set to false, the default CSS class won't be added to the SVG tag. Deafult: true.
title Adds a <title> inside the SVG tag for semantic icons
role The value of the role attribute in the SVG tag. Default: img
fill The value of the fill attribute in the <path> inside the SVG. Default: currentColor


  • role="img" is added to the SVG tag by default
  • aria-hidden="true" is added to the SVG tag by default unless a <title> is set