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Using DQN/DDPG for stock trading
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Practical Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Stock Trading


Python 3.6 envrionment

CMake, OpenMPI

Installation of system packages CMake, OpenMPI on Mac

brew install cmake openmpi

Activate your envrionment using using conda or Anaconda

source activate myenv

Install gym under this environment

pip install gym

Download Official Baseline Package

  • Clone the repo and cd into it:

    git clone
    cd baselines
  • Install tendorflow

    pip install Tensorflow

    should be sufficient. Refer to TensorFlow installation guide for more details.

  • Install baselines package

    pip install -e .

Testing the installation

All unit tests in baselines can be run using pytest runner:

pip install pytest

Replace files with files in this repository and change file address


Find your gym package under environment folder, in my computer it is under

  • Replece the file

with file from this repository

  • Add folder in this repository to gym\envs in your computer
DQN_Stock_Trading/gym/envs/zxstock of this repository 
  • Open
gym/envs/zxstock/ and gym/envs/zxstock/

change the address at line 9 and line 10 into where you want to save the image


  • Open your baselines folder cloned before, find
  • Replace it with
DQN_Stock_Trading/baselines/baselines/ in this reposotory

Training model and Testing

If you only want to train the model run this

python -m --alg=ddpg --env=ZXStock-v0 --network=mlp --num_timesteps=1e4

If you also want to see the testing result

python -m --alg=ddpg --env=ZXStock-v0 --network=mlp --num_timesteps=1e4 --play

Some Other Commands May Need:

Tensorflow Update

pip install --upgrade tensorflow==1.11.0
pip3 install opencv-python
pip3 install lockfile
pip3 install -U numpy
pip3 install mujoco-py==0.5.7
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