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⚡️ < 1Kb library to generate image placeholders on client side
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A javascript library to generate placeholder image on client browser side. 中文Readme帮助文档

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1. Demo & Preview

Website Doc & Demo



2. Feature

  • Pure javascript, do not depends on jQuery or other javascript framework.
  • Very lite, only 1.46kb. and 851 b after gzip.
  • Many options config, all has default value.
  • Very easy to use.

3. Usage

Two method to import into you page.

3.1 HTML script tag

Include placeholder.js in your HTML:

<script src="dist/placeholder.min.js"></script>

CDN is supported at:

  1. bootcdn
  2. cndjs

3.2 modules import

// install before
// npm install placeholder.js

import placeholder from 'placeholder.js';

// or

var placeholder = require("placeholder.js");

UMD import is supported, then get global object: placeholder.

3.3 How to use

1. Programmatic use API to process image with a specific src attribute, like this one:

<img src="image_origin.png" onerror="this.src=placeholder.getData({text: 'Image 404'})">

2. Holder will then process all images with a specific src attribute, like this one:

<img class="placeholder" />

or with options setting:

<img options="size=256x128&text=Hello!" class="placeholder" />


  • the attribute class of img should contain placeholder.
  • the url paramter text should be after encodeURIComponent, contains % should be %25, & should be %26, = should be %3D, space should be %20, e.g.
<img options="size=256x128&text=Hello%2525%26%3DWorld" class="placeholder">

the config above will genertate image placeholder with text Hello%25&=.

4. Placeholder options

Placeholder options are set function input, e.g. placeholder.getData({text: 'Image 404'}), or set through URL properties e.g. options="size=256x128&text=Hello!"

  • size: The size of placeholder. Example: 256x128, Default: 128x128.
  • bgcolor: Background color. Example: #969696. Default: random.
  • color: Foreground (text) color. Example: #ccc. Default: random.
  • text: Custom text. Example: Hello World, 你好. Default: equal to size.
  • fstyle: Custom text font. Can be normal / italic / oblique. Default: oblique.
  • fweight: Custom text weight. Can be normal / bold / bolder / lighter / Number. Default: bold.
  • fsize: Custom text size. Default: automation calculate to avoid text overflow.
  • ffamily: Custom text family. Default: consolas.

For Example, use as var to function input:

var opts = {
  	size: '512x256',
	bgcolor: '#ccc', 
	color: '#969696',
	text: 'Hello World, 你好',
	fweight: 'bold',
	ffamily: 'consolas'
console.log(placeholder.getData(opts)) //get the base64 of the placeholder image.

use as URL properties:


5. Placeholder methods

  • placeholder.getData(opts): Get the base64 string of placeholder image, can be used in the src of img, or in the background-url of css style.
  • placeholder.getCanvas(opts): Get the canvas element, can be append to DOM.
  • placeholder.render(force): Render the img tags which with class='placeholder'. and with the tag attribute options. force is true, will render all the node again, else, will only render img which has not been rendered. default is false.

6. Why another Holder?

  • Image placeholder generate by server side is not my need.
  • imsky/holder can generate on client browser side, BUT, the sytle is holder.js/300x200, so hard to use on website when need dynamic image.
  • Other image placeholder javascript file size is too large, such as imsky/holder is 30.8 KB, not suitable for website.



for react version, see react-placeholder.

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