A useful plugin for generating fast asteroid Fields for space games , to be used in unity engine
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Asteroid Generator Plugin Unity3D

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A useful plugin for generating fast asteroid Fields for space games , to be used in unity engine

  • Generate Random Asteroid Fields
  • Wide Range of Randomization Controls
  • In Editor View [WYSIWYG]
  • Sample Scene included

You can also:

  • Import Custom Asteroid Meshes to suit your needs
  • Modify the filed after generation in any way
  • The plugin comes with nice asteroid animation script

This plugin has been developed to be used in any game to generate randomize elements location / size in a predefined range , it can even be used in real time , i usually use it with generating asteroid fields for my space games .

The plugin still needs lots of updates and improvements , feel free to contribute to the code and fix bugs if you found any.



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Asteroid Generation an open source unity plugin build by awesome ppl for awesome ppl .

  • Ability to change the noise value
  • Field Range using X / Y prarm values
  • Ability to use custom meshes cars , planes , bots , etc...
  • Random Element Size set by max and min value
  • Ability to auto animate the generated element
  • Subtract Region by using custom gizmo mesh

Along other wide range of controls that you will discover using the plugin .


You can get the plugin using one of the methods below

Once done start unity and follow the instruction below ,

  • Launch Unity Engine

From the menu:

  • go Assets -> Import Package...
  • From context menu in the Project View
  • enter context menu -> Import Package...

Then, in both cases, find the standard packages:

  • Browser to the path where you cloned or downloaded the package and select it .

You can also navigate to the needed package:

  • DbClick the package from Windows Explorer or Finder,

(just make sure that you have the target project open or that it was the last opened project)


Want to contribute? Great! Just submit a pull request and ill add it to the project its that easy ;)


  • Add more generation tools
  • Make Real time API
  • Add Gravity Fields


MIT Free Software, Hell Yeah!