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LPMT - little free Projection Mapping tool for OpenFrameworks
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LPMT - Little Projection-Mapping Tool
(C) 2011, HVA - Hermanitos Verdes Architetti / Modena, Italy

LPMT is a little projection-mapping tool for use in our office,
it is developed in C++ using OpenFrameworks.
It’s based on simple quad warping paradigm, and, though rather simple, can
be used to achieve complex and professional projection-mapping sets.


At the moment LPMT is only available as source code, and we've only tested it on linux systems
but thanks to the multi-platform nature of OpenFrameworks it should work out-of-the-box on
Windows and OsX too.

up-to-date code (git repository):

for the github fans, the repository is mirrored here:

if you don't like git, you can find a rarely updated zip file:


* up to 36 independent layers (remember you can use a solid black quad even as a mask)
* possible content: solid color, images, video, live-cam, slideshows, smoothly changing solid colors, and more ...
* independent transparency setting for each content element
* customizable colorization for each content element
* customizable video speed and volume
* save/load project set to/from xml file
* syncronized start for video elements
* vertex snap function for adjacent quads
* cam snapshot background for rough positioning of quads
* customizable speed for slideshows and color transitions


’s' – saves settings to xml (projection_settings.xml in data folder)
‘l’ – loads settings from xml file

‘a’ – adds new quad
‘>’ – go to next quad
‘<’ – go to previous quad
'+' - raise active quad position in layers pile
'-' - lower active quad position in layers pile
‘z’ – selects first gui page for active quad settings
‘x’ – selects second gui page for active quad settings
‘c’ – selects gui page for active quad corner position fine-tuning
‘q’ – fills window with active quad

‘spacebar’ – toggles projection/setup modes
‘g’ – toggles gui (for quad warping with mouse gui must be switched off)
‘f’ – toggles fullscreen mode
‘w’ – toggles cam snapshot window background
‘r’ – resyncs all videos and slideshows in all quads to starting point
‘1’ – shows general settings page of gui


- quad masking (needs some OpenGL-fu)
- controlling settings via OSC messages


you can contact us at:


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HVA - hermanitos verdes architetti
modena - italy
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