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LPMT - Little Projection-Mapping Tool

(C) 2011, HVA - Hermanitos Verdes Architetti / Modena, Italy

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LPMT is a little projection-mapping tool for use in our office, it is developed in C++ using OpenFrameworks. It’s based on simple quad warping paradigm, and, though rather simple, can be used to achieve complex and professional projection-mapping sets.

This is the up-to-date version of lpmt, based on OpenFrameworks 007


At the moment LPMT is only available as source code, and we've only tested it on linux systems but thanks to the multi-platform nature of OpenFrameworks it should work out-of-the-box on Windows and OsX too.

up-to-date code (git repository):

for the github fans, the repository is mirrored here:

if you don't like git, you can find a rarely updated zip file:


  • up to 36 independent projection surfaces (remember you can use a solid black quad even as a mask)
  • possible content: solid color, images, video, live-cam, slideshows, smoothly changing solid colors, and more …
  • customizable green-screen (chromakey) for video and live-cam sources
  • horizontal and vertical flipping for image, video and live-cam content
  • independent opacity settings for each content element
  • customizable colorization for each content element
  • several blending-modes for projection surfaces
  • on-screen editable masks
  • bezier-warping for projection on curved surfaces
  • grid-warping, with user defined grid density
  • spherize deformation preset
  • realtime live-masking with Kinect
  • customizable video speed and volume
  • save/load project set to/from xml file
  • syncronized start for video elements
  • vertex snap function for adjacent quads
  • cam snapshot background for rough positioning of projection surfaces
  • customizable speed for slideshows and color transitions
  • synced multi-projectors shows with adjustable edge-blending
  • control and setup through a rich set of OSC messages
  • a powerful timeline to trigger events and control LPMT projections


’s' – saves settings to xml (projection_settings.xml in data folder) ‘l’ – loads settings from xml file

‘a’ – adds new quad ‘>’ – go to next quad ‘<’ – go to previous quad '+' - raise active quad position in layers pile '-' - lower active quad position in layers pile ‘z’ – selects first gui page for active quad settings ‘x’ – selects second gui page for active quad settings ‘c’ – selects gui page for active quad corner position fine-tuning ‘q’ – fills window with active quad ‘1’ – shows general settings page of gui

‘g’ – toggles gui (for quad warping with mouse gui must be switched off) ‘f’ – toggles fullscreen mode ‘w’ – toggles cam snapshot window background ‘m’ – toggles mask-editing mode ‘b’ – toggles surface bezier/grid warping editing mode

‘spacebar’ – toggles projection/setup modes ‘r’ – resyncs all videos and slideshows in all quads to starting point ‘p’ – starts projection ‘o’ – stops projection

‘n’ – connects to a MostPixelsEver sync server

‘F10’ – toggles timeline interface ‘F9’ – toggles timeline BPM reference grid ‘F11’ – toggles stage visibility under timeline ‘F12’ – play/stop timeline


  • midi control
  • DMX control
  • timeline sync with MTC midi


you can contact us at: francesco[at]

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HVA - hermanitos verdes architetti modena - italy