Build Hackage package versions against multiple GHC versions
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Latest commit 02abd2b Jun 28, 2017 @hvr Tweak UI
 - use Gentoo-style revision display
 - use more accurate `index-state:` labels instead of `build-time`
 - tweak CSS to make major version boundaries stand out more
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cabal @ 318e619 New WIP snapshot of 3rd-gen backend code Jun 5, 2017
src-exe Implement missing `GET /api/v1.0.0/user/name/:username` service Jun 18, 2017
ui Tweak UI Jun 28, 2017
.gitmodules add cabal submodule Apr 2, 2017
.travis.yml Add Travis CI job Jun 11, 2017 WIP Sep 10, 2016
LICENSE WIP Sep 10, 2016
Setup.hs WIP Sep 10, 2016
cabal.project Relax dep on directory Apr 2, 2017
tables.sql Refactor DB schema to avoid reverse-lookup ops on unnest()s Jun 10, 2017