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Remove Storage.__del__

On some machines the log message caused "Write to closed fd" while
Python shutdown.  It was never all that helpful...
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commit 7d3a04ea94742c4ed290cc7c02f87bf57f28c47c 1 parent 672da40
@scbash scbash authored
Showing with 0 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +0 −3  tracext/git/
3  tracext/git/
@@ -262,9 +262,6 @@ def __init__(self, git_dir, log, git_bin='git', git_fs_encoding=None):
self.__commit_msg_cache = SizedDict(200)
self.__commit_msg_lock = Lock()
- def __del__(self):
- self.logger.debug("PyGIT.Storage instance %d destructed" % id(self))
# cache handling
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