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A lightweight class for monitoring a directory for changes on iOS.
Objective-C Ruby
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MHWDirectoryWatcher is a lightweight class that uses GCD to monitor a given path for changes. When any change to the directory occurs, MHWDirectoryWatcher starts polling the monitored path, making sure that file transfers are finished before posting notifications.


Copy MHWDirectoryWatcher.h+m into your project.

(or use CocoaPods)

Usage via blocks

Get an instance of MHWDirectoryWatcher using the factory method +directoryWatcherAtPath:callback: and it will start monitoring the path immediately. Callback occurs after files have changed.


_dirWatcher = [MHWDirectoryWatcher directoryWatcherAtPath:kDocumentsFolder callback:^{
                  // Actions which should be performed when the files in the directory 
                  [self doSomethingNice];

Call -stopWatching / -startWatching to pause/resume.

Used in Kobo and Readmill (RIP, acquired by Dropbox).

If you like this repository and use it in your project, I'd love to hear about it!

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