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This is the former place of

The development team is very sorry of the inconvenience the renaming causes on your side. A move to a organization account in GitHub was needed in order to more easily manage issues and permissions for the code base.

Where to find the code now

As has been said above, the code has moved to a new repository. In fact, it has been splitted and the parts can now be found here:

About KindlePDFviewer

KindlePDFviewer is a document viewer application, created for usage on the Kindle e-ink reader. It is currently restricted to 4bpp inverse grayscale displays. For PDF files it is using the muPDF library (see, for DjVu files djvulibre library and for ebooks (fb2, mobi, ePub, etc) crengine. It can also read JPEG images using libjpeg library. The user interface is scripted using Lua (see

The application is licensed under the GPLv3 (see COPYING file).

Updating your projects

If you forked kindlepdfviewer, you might need to adjust upstream references. Have them point to instead of

They should be referenced in your repositories .git/config file.

If you used kindlepdfviewer as a submodule, also edit your project's .gitmodules file accordingly.