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@baughj baughj released this Dec 20, 2016 · 156 commits to master since this release

Released: December 20, 2016 - View this release on GitHub


  • Spell targeting implemented
  • Cast lines for castables supported
  • Creatures and players can now die and have OnDeath events
  • Basic player status support (such as poison, sleep, etc) implemented
  • Monster spawning support implemented (regularly spawning new creatures in an area, using spawngroups)
  • Castable support is mostly implemented; 0.5.6 will complete the implementation (NPC learning / forgetting skills, proper directional usage, etc)
  • Skills and spells are now movable on the client pane
  • Use skill / use spell handlers implemented

Bug Fixes

  • National support for spawn locations fixed / updated
  • Two-handed equipment should now properly prevent a shield from being equipped
  • Two-handed flags on items should work as expected
  • Items allowing negative stats / HP / MP now fixed
  • Assail now properly uses the sound from the first assail in your list

Known Issues

  • Server socket state can sometimes get a little wonky which can require a restart. We're working on it.
  • Client sometimes cannot login again after logging off.
  • Packet throttling is disabled pending reimplementation. This means you can spam attack things at the moment, and also is related to the socket state issues.

Required SDK Version: at least

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