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Cylon.JS example, running in the browser with Browserify.
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Cylon.js - Browserify Example

This repo contains a basic example Cylon robot, and all the tooling needed to get it running in a browser.

It does this using the Browserify tool.

It also includes a custom Cylon logger (browser-logger.js) to log messages directly to the page.


After cloning, you can run the example with the make command:

$ make
Starting HTTP server on port 8000
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

This will start a basic Python HTTP server on port 8000, letting you run your robot from the browser by navigating to http://localhost:8000.


This is a very basic example, it's likely you'll want to expand on it and add more modules.

To install the Browserify tool, along with Cylon's core, use NPM:

$ npm install

Now you can build the browser.js file again with make build:

$ make build
Building script.js with Browserify
./node_modules/.bin/browserify script.js > ./browser.js

Alternatively, you can run the above Browserify command manually if you'd like to change it.

More Modules

If you're starting to use additional Cylon support modules, such as cylon-leapmotion or cylon-ardrone, you'll need to inform Browserify about them manually:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/browserify -r cylon-leapmotion script.js > browser.js

This is necessary due to Browserify's static require call checking, which can't detect or work with Cylon's dynamic module loader.

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