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Cylon Website

This is the code for the website for Cylon ( is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things using Node.js. If you are looking for the actual Cylon code itself, it is at

This site is build using Middleman

To run locally:

  bundle install
  bundle exec middleman


This project uses HAML.

If you want to help us with the documentation of the site, you can follow this steps :

    1. Download the zip of the branch "master" or clone the project with git.

      git clone "name"

    1. Create a new branch for the project and switch to that new branch.

      git branch "new_name" git checkout "new_name"


    git checkout -b "new_name"
    1. Open the project with your favourite text editor.
    1. Go to the file source/documentation , here is all the documentation of the site.


To update the introduction information of a platform:

    1. Go to the file source/documentation/platforms , and select the platform you want to edit.

All of the content beginning with How to Install is generated from the platform's github repo. To add new documentation to any platform, edit the readme in the respective Cylon module's repository.

In order for the readme to be properly extracted, the content being pushed to the site must:

  • begin with ## How to Install and end with ## Documentation
  • have a new line after each code block

To import platforms from the main Cylon repository, run the bin/import-platforms script. You'll need to have Git installed.

This script will:

  • clone down the Cylon repos
  • extract all platform readmes
  • convert github markdown syntax to be haml compatible
  • save the platform documentation to source/documentation/platforms/partials


To add new information to any driver, do this :

    1. Go to the file source/documentation/drivers , and select the driver you want to edit.


To import examples from the main Cylon repository, run the bin/import-examples script. You'll need to have Git installed.

This script will:

  • clone down the Cylon repos
  • extract all examples
  • create missing example pages and remove those that have also been removed from the main repo
  • create/update examples index page

Repo Docs

To import docs partials from Cylon adaptor repositories, run the bin/import-docs script.

This script will:

  • clone down Cylon repositories
  • extract all inline JSDoc documentation, with the dox tool
  • add command/event data as partials to source/documentation/imports/#{repo}


To add images for platforms or devices:

  • remove entire background
  • the image should be 800 width x 600 height
  • layer effect: White color overlay with blend mode HUE

Background color is #F3F1EB

Send your Pull Request

When you have your code ready, create a new PR : base: master and compare:"your_branch"


middleman-gh-pages gem is being used to build the webpage and deploy to gh-pages branch.

For deploying the webpage, your must be in 'master' branch and run the following command:

  rake publish

You must not have any uncomitted or untracked files in the site dirs, or the publish operation will fail with a message such as Directory not clean.

If the publish fails, you might need to remove the build dir before trying to run rake publish again.


Website for Cylon.js - JavaScript robotics framework using Node.js






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