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Simple way to send server-side notifications to Google Analytics
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Simple class to send custom server-side events to Google Analytics

Heavily influenced by the serversidegoogleanalytics project.


Track page views"UT-1234", "").page_view("something", "track/me")

Track custom events"UT-1234", "").event("Videos", "Play", "ID", "123", true)

Works with existing client-side Google Analytics cookies

gabba ="UT-1234", "")

# grab the __utma and (optionally) __utmz unique identifiers
gabba.identify_user(cookies[:__utma], cookies[:__utmz])

# trigger actions as normal
gabba.page_view("something", "track/me")

Setting custom vars

# Index: 1 through 50
index = 1

scope = Gabba::Gabba::VISITOR

# Set var
gabba.set_custom_var(index, 'Name', 'Value', scope)

# Track the event (all vars will be included)

# Track the page view (all vars will be included)

Removing custom vars

# Index: 1 through 50
index = 1

# Delete var with this index
gabba.delete_custom_var index

Track ecommerce transactions

g ="UT-6666", "")
g.transaction("123456789", "1000.00", 'Acme Clothing', '1.29', '5.00', 'Los Angeles', 'California', 'USA')


Gabba is released under the MIT License.

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