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HydePHP - Source Code Monorepo

Contribute to the Core HydePHP Components in one place

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This repository holds the source code for the HydePHP core components. If you want to create a website with Hyde, check out the HydePHP/Hyde repository.

Projects in this monorepo

Upcoming Documentation API Documentation HTML Code Coverage This project is using for visual regression testing.

HydePHP consists of a few core components, the development of which is done in this monorepo.

The code pushed here is automatically split into separate read-only repositories for each component. The two most important components are Hyde and Framework. We also use HydeFront for frontend assets.

The Hyde package is what the end-user sees and interacts with. When creating a new HydePHP site, this is done using the Hyde project. The package contains all the necessary files to run a HydePHP site and bootstraps the entire system.

The Framework package holds most of the logic of the Hyde framework. This is where all the data models, static site generators, HydeCLI commands, Blade views, and more, are stored. Having this in a package makes it much easier to version and update using Composer.

The HydeFront package contains stylesheets and scripts to help make HydePHP sites accessible and interactive. It also includes a pre-compiled TailwindCSS file containing all the styles needed for the built-in Blade templates.

Quick reference overview

Package Monorepo path Readonly repository Package location
Hyde Root directory* hydephp/hyde hyde/hyde
Framework packages/framework hydephp/framework hyde/framework
Realtime Compiler packages/realtime-compiler hydephp/realtime-compiler hyde/realtime-compiler
Publications packages/publications hydephp/publications hyde/publications
Testing packages/testing hydephp/testing hyde/testing
UI Kit packages/ui-kit hydephp/ui-kit hyde/ui-kit
HydeFront packages/hydefront hydephp/hydefront npm@hydefront

*The Hyde/Hyde project is stored in the monorepo root and works a bit differently from the others. Before pushing to the readonly repository, we apply persisted changes in the packages/hyde directory, then remove monorepo specific files.

How the monorepo works

Changes to HydePHP including some first-party packages are made here. The changes are then pushed to the develop or master branches of the readonly repositories seen in the table above.


The versioning between the Framework and Hyde packages are linked together, meaning that if Hyde gets a major release, so must Framework, and vice versa. To make this easier, we also publish major and minor releases in the monorepo. Patch releases are not published in the monorepo, and are instead handled by the individual packages, as the changes therein are generally self-contained.


We welcome contributions to HydePHP. Please read our contributing guidelines to learn how you can help.