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Welcome to the Wiki related to firmware(hydrafw for HydraNFC Shield v2) for HydraBus v1 + HydraNFC Shield v2 HydraBus_v1_HydraNFC_Shield_v2

The HydraBus+HydraNFC Shield v2(hardware) with HydraFW (firmware) are used as an open source multi-tool for anyone interested in Learning/Developping/Debugging/Hacking/Penetration Testing for basic or advanced NFC communications.

Getting-Started-with-HydraBus Flash/Use HydraFW with HydraBus and HydraNFC Shield v2

Developer How to Build HydraFW

Developer Getting-Started-with-HydraBus and STM32CubeIDE/STLINK-V3SET

HydraNFC Shield v2 st25r3916 NFC chipset spi decoder/dumps for sigrok/PulseView

HydraNFC Shield v2 / ST25R39xx chipset NFC decoder available in Sigrok/PulseView nigthly builds

Documentation / Article

How to Help