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component / version minimum
(not recommended but may work)
recommended most recent of what we have ever tested
gcc (Linux) 5.4.0 7.2.0 8.2.1
llvm/clang (Linux) UNKNOWN 7.0.1 7.0.1
MSVC (Windows) 2015 (14.0 update 1) 2015 (14.0 update 3) 2017 (15.5.7)
XCode (macOS) 7.3.1 9.2 9.2
CMake 2.8.6 3.4.1 3.11.0
Boost 1.56 1.60 1.66
Qt (only for GUI) 5.8.0 5.9.1 5.10.1


Recommended OS version: Ubuntu 17.04 LTS.

  1. $ sudo apt install git g++ cmake unzip libicu-dev mesa-common-dev libglu1-mesa-dev qt5-default qtwebengine5-dev
  2. $ cd zano/ && make -j$(nproc) gui
  3. Look for the binaries, including the Zano GUI, in the build directory


Recommended OS version: Windows 7 x64.

  1. Install required prerequisites.
  2. Edit paths in utils/configure_local_paths.cmd.
  3. Run utils/configure_win64_msvs2015_gui.cmd or utils/configure_win64_msvs2017_gui.cmd according to your MSVC version.
  4. Go to the build folder and open generated Zano.sln in MSVC.
  5. Build.

In order to correctly deploy Qt GUI application you also need to do the following: 6. Copy Zano.exe to a folder (e.g. depoy). 7. Run PATH_TO_QT\bin\windeployqt.exe deploy/Zano.exe. 8. Copy folder \src\gui\qt-daemon\html to deploy\html.


Recommended OS version: macOS Sierra 10.12.6 x64.

  1. Install required prerequisites.
  2. Set environment variables as stated in utils/macosx_build_config.command.
  3. mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..

To build GUI application:

  1. Create self-signing certificate via Keychain Access: a. Run Keychain Access. b. Choose Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Create a Certificate. c. Use “Zano” (without quotes) as certificate name. d. Choose “Code Signing” in “Certificate Type” field. e. Press “Create”, then “Done”. f. Make sure the certificate was added to keychain "System". If not—move it to "System". g. Double click the certificate you've just added, enter the trust section and under "When using this certificate" select "Always trust". h. Unfold the certificate in Keychain Access window and double click underlying private key "Zano". Select "Access Control" tab, then select "Allow all applications to access this item". Click "Save Changes".
  2. Revise building script, comment out unwanted steps and run it: utils/
  3. The application should be here: /buid_mac_osx_64/release/src

Good luck!

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