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A project maintained by Joshua Davis and James Cruz.

A collection of classes that performs the heavy lifting for you by writing a minimal amount of code. This library is compatible with both Processing and Processing.js

This library is currently under heavy development. You can keep track of the latest changes here in the changelog.


Importing HYPE to your Sketch

Simply put a copy of HYPE.pde in your sketch folder, and you can now start using HYPE's classes in Processing. This will work for both Java and Javascript mode.

If in case you strictly need to use one file, just copy the contents of HYPE.pde at the end of your pde file.

For developers who want to study or tweak the code in Processing, you can look at the contents of the pde/ folder into your sketch folder. For those who want to tweak with the base Java source code you can look at the java/src/ folder. The Java code is converted to processing by the script.

Why is HYPE not a JAR file?

Putting HYPE in a pde file instead of a JAR file lets you use the library in Processing.js.

In case you need HYPE in a JAR file, you could try to compile one yourself with the base Java code in the java/src/ folder.


This project's documentation is generated with Doxygen and is located in doc/html/index.html. Be noted that since this library is under heavy development, especially in the staging branch, the documentation may not be 100% complete.

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