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Hypercore Protocol

A fast, scalable, and secure peer-to-peer protocol for everyone

Moving to Holepunch

Holepunch GitHub Org

In 2021, the Hypercore Protocol team formed Holepunch in order to massively accelerate the realization of a true P2P internet.

Holepunch is an app development platform that makes it easy to build, ship, and update fully P2P desktop/mobile apps without using any servers. Check out Keet Alpha to see Holepunch in action! It's 100% built on top of Hypercore, Hyperswarm, Hyperdrive, and the other modules you've seen if you're familiar with the Hypercore ecosystem.

We're more committed than ever to maintaining and growing these modules in the long haul.

To tell a clear story and to ensure that our code is easily discoverable, we're consolidating modules that are currently scattered around different orgs. The modules that were previously in this org are now in the Holepunch GitHub org.

Popular repositories

  1. hypertrie hypertrie Public

    Distributed single writer key/value store

    JavaScript 312 32

  2. cli cli Public

    A CLI for peer-to-peer file sharing using the Hypercore Protocol.

    JavaScript 207 19

  3. hyperspace hyperspace Public

    Hypercores, batteries included.

    JavaScript 181 30

  4. hyperdrive-daemon hyperdrive-daemon Public

    Hyperdrive, batteries included.

    JavaScript 155 27

  5. hypercore-next hypercore-next Public archive

    Hypercore 10 is an append only log with multi-writer primitives built in.

    151 15

  6. hypercore-protocol hypercore-protocol Public

    Stream that implements the hypercore protocol

    JavaScript 105 54


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