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Corda-IBC is an implementation of IBC modules that runs as a CorDapp on Corda platform. The Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) verifiably bridges two blockchains but there's no concept of "chain" in the Corda world. Therefore in this implementation, a group of fixed members (Corda nodes) is regarded as "chain", in other words, one end point of IBC communication. For now this implementation supports communication between Corda-IBC and Corda-IBC and between Corda-IBC and Fabric-IBC. It is planned to support communication with Tendermint-IBC (Cosmos SDK).

Try it!

Check out submodules

$ git submodule update --init

Build and test the project

$ make buildClientImage
$ make buildClient
$ make buildImage
$ make test      # Note that it uses a large amount of memory.
$ make oldTest   # This one uses more.