Hyperledger Quilt - An implementation of the Interledger Protocol
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sappenin Feature/enhance btp (#178)
* Misc fixes for BTP implementation
* Update to 0.14.0-SNAPSHOT
* Added Codec for BTP Timestamps, which are slightly different from Interledger Timestamps.
* Update BtpErrorCode to have code, name, and description.
* Create new factory for BTP OER codec access
* Improved Javadoc
* Improved units test coverage
* Remove stacktrace from BTP Error
* Fix unit tests.

Signed-off-by: sappenin <sappenin@gmail.com>
Latest commit a453612 Oct 10, 2018


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Quilt is an implementation of the Interledger protocol in Java.


The quilt project is organised as a Maven multi-module project. Each module exists in a subdirectory and has its own POM and README.

Dependency and plugin versions are managed in the parent project.

Issues are labelled and prefixed to make it easy to identify which project they relate to.


The ilp-core module is the base library for any Interledger projects providing service interfaces, event descriptions, exceptions and data models. It also includes an encoding framework and codecs for encoding and decoding ILP objects using the Octet Encoding Rules (OER).

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Dev-ops is a module for shared build and test tools




Unlimited Strength Encryption Policy Files

In order to properly build this project, you must download and install Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy files. For more details, follow the instructions here.


This project uses Maven to manage dependencies and other aspects of the build. To install Maven, follow the instructions at https://maven.apache.org/install.html.

Modules in this library can be included in your project by first adding a Snapshot Repository to your pom.xml file, like this:


Next, add the following Maven dependency:



To import this library into a project that uses gradle, first add the Snapshot Repository to your gradle.properties file, like this:

repositories {
    maven {
        url "https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/"

Next, import this library as a dependency, like this:

dependencies {
    compile group: 'org.interledger', name: 'java-ilp-core', version: '0.13.0-SNAPSHOT'


We welcome any and all submissions, whether it's a typo, bug fix, or new feature. To get started, first download the code:

git clone https://github.com/hyperledger/quilt
cd quilt

Build the Project

To build the project, execute the following command:

$ mvn clean install


The project uses checkstyle to keep code style consistent. All Checkstyle checks are run by default during the build, but if you would like to run checkstyle checks, use the following command:

$ mvn checkstyle:checkstyle