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nbacquey commented Oct 16, 2020

Currently, each time an Exception occurs on the Java side, it is caught in JNI.Unsafe.Internal, printed on stderr, and tranformed into a JVMException on the Haskell side, where it is thrown with throwIO.

It's problematic because this printing on stderr occurs even if the exception is caught afterwards, and may clutter stdout, particularly on test cases, where multiple exceptions may be ex

4ever9 commented Aug 24, 2020

Development Task

There are a series of subcommands about this task:

  • 1. Transfer


bitxhub client tx send --path <private_key_path> --to 0x111111111 --amount 100
  • 2. Invoke contract


bitxhub client tx send --path <private_key_path> --to <contract_address> --function get --args arg1,arg2,arg3

Syscoin is a crypto currency that is universally merge-mineable and offers a unique variety of services including decentralized identities, asset token issuance platform capabilities directly on the blockchain and trustless 0-counterparty interoptibility with the Ethereum blockchain

  • Updated Oct 20, 2020
  • C++

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