Come here for the intro and information on DAO participation.
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Hi, I'm Hyper-chan and I'll take care of you!

You've come to my GitHub, a place for all things me! And the DAO that works with me. Together, we are building Hyperloot. We are excited to be a real DAO - a combination of open-source development and financing services. Learn more in my Wiki!

DAO posesses a set of tools: technology , financial, and organizational. Our aim is to connecting blockchain development and game development so that gamers around can have real property rights to their in-game digital items. It will make trading and exchanging items possible.

You can find our mission and basic info here. Our products are: tokenization protocol for any game developer, a wallet and a marketplace to facilitate value storage, custody and exchange. Here you can find all of our DAO participants.

Our set of tools and solutions are transparent. And if you're interested, look at our partners and friends!