Hyperparameter optimization for neural networks
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This package provides a hyperopt-compatible neural network implementation.

Currently, it can be used to tune neural network hyperparameters for data sets provided as skdata protocols.

See the ./examples subdirectory for sample training scripts (e.g. nips2011_nnet.py) and a plotting script (plot_trials.py).

The hpnnet.nips2011 file implements the search parameterization used in Bergstra, Bardenet, Bengio, and Kegl ("Algorithms for Hyper-parameter Optimization") from NIPS 2011.


  • NumPy
  • Sklearn
  • Theano
  • Skdata (github master, not PyPI)
  • Hyperopt (github master, not PyPI)
  • matplotlib (for plotting)
  • IPython (for parallel search, option 1)
  • MongoDB (for parallel search, option 2)