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Hyperbot is a Discord bot developed for the INVERSUS Discord server which you can find at


  • Steam
    • Automated notifications when new leaderboard high scores are acheived.
    • Ask for top scores by leaderboard name.
    • Ask for a list of all leaderboards.
    • Ask for active player count.
    • Register/unregister your Steam profile with your Discord. This allows for the following commands:
      • Post a Steam invitation link to your in-game lobby. This requires your Steam lobbies to be properly integrated for Steam invitations (i.e. the Join Game button on user profiles works).
    • Request the latest Steam community news item text be posted (currently admin only)
  • Challonge
    • Tournament moderators can register an active tournament.
    • Tournament moderators can assign a winner on tournament completion. The latest winner is awarded a special Discord role.
    • Ask for a link to the active tournament bracket
  • General
    • Users to subscribe/unsubscribe from a specific set of roles.
    • Request a list of all commands.
    • Administrators can reload command files without restarting the bot.


I am by no means an expert JavaScript nor node.js programmer so I don't claim for this to be the best architecture or implementation, but it should be fairly easy to extend and work within.


Adding new commands is just a matter of adding new my_command_name.js files to the commands folder. See the test.js command file for a simple example with documentation.


Integrating with your server is performed by editing two json files in the root folder.


This file contains all of the data you do not want to accidentally check into a public repository or share on a dev stream. It contains the following information:

  • token - This is your Discord bot's token that allows use of the Discord API. It is required for the bot to function.
  • steam_api_key - This is your key that allows access to the Steam Web API. It is only required for Steam related commands.


This file contains all of the non-secrect configuration data that helps integrate the bot commands with the specifics of your server.

  • prefix - This defines the string that goes before a command name (e.g. "!" or "/") that causes the bot to pay attention.
  • steam_appid - This is the Steam app id number of the game you want Steam related commands to operate on.
  • steam_channel - Discord ID number for the channel you want Steam related information posted to.
  • steam_leaderboard_tracking_blacklist - This allows for specific leaderboards to be ignored for any automated score reporting.
  • house_per_highscore_evaluation - Set how often the bot should query and report new highscrores from the Steam Web API.
  • tournament_channel - Discord ID number for the channel you want tournament related information posted to.
  • roles - Map role names referenced by commands to actual Discord role names from your server. The following roles are currently supported:
    • tournament_admin - This is the role for users that can begin and end tournaments.
    • tournament_winner - This is the role assigned to the winner of the most recent tournament.
  • subscriptions - This is a list of Discord roles that users can freely assign/unassign to/from themselves.


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