Tools to create a customized WinPython distribution
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HyperSpy WinPython Bundle Distribution

A customised, installable WinPython distribution that includes HyperSpy, HyperSpyUI and all their dependencies.

HyperSpy Bundle does not interact with any other Python installation, so it can be safely installed alongside other Python distributions. Moreover it is portable, so it can be installed to an USB key.

Differences with WinPython

  • Includes HyperSpy, HyperSpyUI and all their dependencies.
  • Installs (and uninstalls) like any other Windows package
  • Adds a HyperSpy Bundle entry to the Start Menu to easily launch Jupyter and HyperSpyUI and the WinPython console.
  • When installing with administrator rights for all users adds context (right-click) menu entries to start the Jupyter Notebook and Juypter QtConsole. See start_jupyter_cm for details.


See Releases for download links.

Older releases (including HyperSpy <= 1.3) are available in HyperSpy's GitHub repository.

Note: If HyperSpy fails to start you may need to install install the Visual C++ 2015 x64 and x86 for CPython 3.5) redistributable packages.