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HyperSpy Bundle Distribution

These python distributions include:

Anaconda-type distribution

This distribution is very similar to the Anaconda distribution and is available for Windows, MacOSX and Linux. It is built using the constructor tool, which is used to build the anaconda and miniconda distribution. It uses the conda package manager.


Run the installer. Single user installation is recommended. For more details, see the Anaconda installation instructions.

On MacOSX, the installer is currently not identified as trusted party by macOS, meaning that macOS will not allow to run the installer simply by double-clicking on it. However, control-clicking the app icon, then choosing Open from the shortcut menu will allow to run the installer, as explained in the macOS documentation.

Differences with Anaconda/Miniconda

  • Include the packages mentioned above
  • The conda packages are download from the conda-forge and anaconda main channels in this order of priority and these channels are set up in the installed environment.
  • Adds context menu entries (right-click shortcut) to start the Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Lab or Juypter QtConsole. See start_jupyter_cm for details.
  • Remove context menu entries when uninstalling on Windows only. For Linux and MaxOSX, no uninstall is provided and the context menu entries needs to be removed manually using start_jupyter_cm --remove from the conda environment before deleting the distribution.

Silent installation on Windows

Using the command prompt

start /wait "" HyperSpy-bundle-2020.02.05-Windows-x86_64.exe /S /D=%UserProfile%\HyperSpy-bundle

Using PowerShell

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath HyperSpy-bundle-2020.02.05-Windows-x86_64.exe -ArgumentList /S /D=$env:UserProfile\HyperSpy-bundle

See the Anaconda documentation for more information.

Portable distribution

The portable version of the HyperSpy Bundle does not interact with other Python installation, and it can be safely installed alongside other Python distributions. As a portable distribution, no shortcut is installed and it can be installed on external harddrive or it can be moved to any other folder.


Run the installer (self-extracting archive), the distribution will be installed in the current folder.

Differences with WinPython

  • Include the packages mentioned above.


See Releases for download links.

Older releases (including HyperSpy <= 1.3) are available in HyperSpy's GitHub repository.