Add entries to start IPython from the context menu in Windows
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Add entries to start the Jypyter Notebook and QtConsole from the file manager context menu. This offers a convenient way of starting Jupyter in a folder. Currently it only supports Microsoft Windows and GNOME (and its many derivatives). Contributions to support other OSs/desktop environments are highly welcome.

Microsoft Windows

Jupyter context menu entries in windows

Jupyter context menu entries in windows.

In addition to starting the QtConsole or the Jupyter Notebook server and launching the default browser, in Microsoft Windows the process runs from a terminal. Closing the terminal closes the QtConsole or the Jupyter server.


Jupyter context menu entries in windows

Jupyter context menu entries in gnome.

When selecting multiple folders, one instance of Jupyter QtConsole/notebook opens in each of the selected folders. Selecting a file starts Jupyter in the file directory.

Note that in GNOME the processes run in the background. As of Jupyter Notebook 4.1 there is no way to shutdown the server from the notebook UI. To stop the server one has to manually kill the process. Alternatively, nbmanager can discover all running servers and shut them down using via an UI.

GNOME >= 2.22 is required.

Installation instructions

Any platform

Install from pypi using pip e.g.:

$ pip install start_jupyter_cm

After installation, enable the context menu entries from a terminal as follows:

$ jupyter_context-menu_add

To remove the context menu entries execute the following in a terminal:

$ jupyter_context-menu_remove

To uninstall the package:

$ pip uninstall start_jupyter_cm

Note that adding and removing the entries as above may require administration rights in Microsoft Windows. In Microsoft Windows the entries are added for all users. In GNOME only for the current user.

Also, be aware that, uninstalling the package does not remove the context menu entries. If you are left with the context menu entries after uninstalling start_jupyter_cm, reinstall it, remove the entries as above and uninstall it again.

Microsoft Windows

In Microsoft Windows the preferred way to install this package would be using the Windows MSI installers if it wasn't for this Python bug. Until this issue is fixed, we will not distribute MSI installers.

Related software

  • nbmanager Discover and shutdown Jupyter servers.
  • nbopen Open a notebook using your filemanager.