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Repository for is an online development environment tailored for Hyperapp.

This repository contains:

  • the open-source code for (the open sourcing in progress, the code here is not yet representative of the actual production code)
  • issues related to, please open an issue in the repo for any assistance


Overall Structure

  • All source code is contained in the src folder.
  • The src/lib folders contains utilities that are not specific to Hyperstart and could be later exported to their own package.
  • The sources are divided into modules, each module lives in its own folder and contains the following sources:
    • api.ts: The type information for the public-facing API of this module.
    • module.ts: The implementation of the state and actions for this module.
    • selectors.ts: A list of pure functions that take the state and compute some useful value out of it (not present in all modules).
    • Xxx.tsx: The view(s) (i.e. components that use the entire state and action tree) for this module. There may 0 or many of these depending on the module.
    • components/ (folder): Components (often internal only) relevant for this module.
    • index.ts: The file that exports public apis (i.e. everything except the module's implementation)
  • On startup, an init() action gets called on each top-level module with the global actions.
    Each top-level module receives the public facing API of each other module.
    Each module can store the dependencies it needs from other modules at this point.
    Note: there is a circular dependency between all the api.ts files of all modules, but this causes no issue since these files only contain type information.

Overall conventions

  • All asynchronous actions return a Promise, even if not used by the components.
  • Important sections of files are marked with // # Section Name (same as markdown titles), sub-sections are marked with // ## Sub Section Name, and so on... This is there because I plan on adding support for this to Hyperstart's editor and to move my dev env there (eventually).