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Fastlog is a very lightweight logging library, based primarily on error_logger although it can be adapted to work with other logging back ends if required. Fastlog's main claim to fame is that it does very little work between your call to the logging function and the function call running to the back end. Fastlog also completely avoids any formatting calls (e.g., to error_logger) unless you're logging at a level which has been enabled.

Other features include:

  • Simple configuration
  • Works nicely with OTP applications
  • Named logger instances (which can act as categories)
  • Per logger configuration
  • Parse transform support for adding additional detail

Getting Help

This wiki is intended as the primary source of documentation for fastlog. The following pages are available:


Fastlog can be installed like any other OTP application. Simply build the sources (using rebar or the bundled Makefile wrapper) and link (or copy) the project directory into your ERL_LIBS environment variable. You can also install fastlog using a package manager such as epm, or sutro. For the latter, you will need to update your personal fork of the sutro github repo.