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Rebar Dist: A Plugin for Rebar, the Erlang Build Tool

The Rebar Dist Plugin is primarily intended to allow developers to aggregate project output such as compiled (beam) modules, natives libs, dependencies, documentation, and other files into one or more distributable archives.

The plugin builds distribution "assemblies", which can be configured to control how modules, file-sets, and individual files are packaged. These "assemblies" can be described either in the project's rebar.config file, or in a separate dist.config if you prefer. The plugin comes with a set of prefabricated assembly descriptors, which handle many common scenarios, such as packaging a rebar generated release in a single gzipped tarball.

Getting help

Please use the github issue tracker to register any bugs, comments or queries. There is a directory of examples in the code base, and the ReTest integration tests exercise these.