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The second issue of A static site built with hugo.

Published via Distributed.Press

First-time setup

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install the hugo CLI

Local development

hugo server

Build for deployment


How to add content

Piece pages

The frontmatter of a piece should have all of these fields:

title: Seeding the Wild
subtitle: # Optional
author: Magma Collective # this needs to match an author name in data/people.yaml
description: In which seeds are strewn into small spaces, while blindfolded, and holding three apricots between two butt cheeks.
tableOfContentsImageUrl: ./images/angelica-gifs/mantis_computer.gif # must be 700x350
tableOfContentsImageAlt: A praying mantis dances in front of a laptop. # Alt text. this is weakly optional 
titleImageUrl: ./images/title-images/love-ya.png # this is optional
titleImageAlt: # Alt text. this is weakly optional 
endingImageUrl: ./images/angelica-gifs/mantis_computer.gif # this is optional
endingImageAlt: # Alt text. this is weakly optional 
weight: 1 # This determines the page order. Pages with lower weight will come first.
markdown: # Optional: relative link to the markdown file corresponding to this piece.
license: # Optional: specify the license that appears in the copy markdown section. Default is CC-BY-SA.
customClass: # Optional: a custom class that will be applied to the main container of the piece.

All images belong somewhere in static/images.


Footnote content can be included in a piece's frontmatter, or in a separate JSON file (see content/pieces/the-salt-of-the-cosmos for an example of the latter).

Every footnote is identified by a unique title. (This can be a number if you want, but then if you reorder them you'll have some serious renumbering to do.)

In the content markdown, you add a footnote reference like so:

{{< footnote "Title of footnote goes here" >}}

This is called a hugo "shortcode". It gets replaced by the content in layouts/shortcodes/footnote.html.

All other pages

  • Every non-piece page gets its own .md file in content/one-offs/.
  • Every non-piece page gets its own layout file in layouts/one-offs/.

Site Data

Table of contents

The sequence of pieces in the table of contents is determined by the page weight, using Hugo's .ByWeight ordering function.

You can update the sequence of pieces by changing the weight attribute in the front matter of the content pieces. The weight values start at 1.

Fundraising goals

See data/fundraising-goals.yaml.

Author bios

See data/people.yaml. The name fields in here must match the author fields in the piece frontmatter.


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