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This is the central repository for all hyphenation patterns (that we know of). These patterns are encoded in UTF-8, but can also be used with 8-bit TeX engines such as pdfTeX with the help of mechanisms provided with the package. It is meant to be a low-level package and is integrated with all major TeX distributions (TeX Live, MiKTeX, W32TeX); most TeX users should thus not concern themselves with this package, unless of course they’re working on the hyphenation patterns themselves.

We upload the package to CTAN regularly and use git tags to identify versions; a CTAN upload has a version date in the form yyyy-mm-dd, corresponding to tag in this git repository. Because the package contains contributions from many different sources that are not updated at the same time, we felt this was this best choice for version identifiers.

If you are an author of hyphenation patterns and want to add or update them, please contact the maintainers through the mailing list: You can also visit the TeX hyphenation page for more information and technical details.


bundle (or bundle install) bundle exec rake runs the default task in the Rakefile.