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The device-init runs while booting your device and can customize some settings of the device.

To replace the /boot/occidentalis.txt (as we want this feature for more boards than the RPi) and to enhance the possibilities to customize the SD card image at first boot, we want to introduce this tool device-init that read customizations from the FAT partition /boot/device-init.yaml so it is easier to write it onto the SD card image.

  • ☑ Set hostname
  • ☑ Set WiFi SSID/PSK
  • ☐ Set timezone
  • ☐ Set locale
  • ☐ Set static IP (see hypriot/device-init#6)
  • ☑ Pull some docker images
  • ☐ Install a list of DEB packages
  • ☑ Run a custom script from /boot
  • ...

The /boot/device-init.yaml

The device-init tool reads the file /boot/device-init.yaml to initialize several settings while booting your device.


hostname: "black-pearl"

Wifi Settings

      ssid: "MyNetwork"
      password: "secret_password"

Docker Preload Images Settings

device-init can preload local image files into the Docker engine on boot. Those images have to be exported via 'docker save image-name > image-name.tar'. It is recommended to compress the output of 'docker save' with 'gzip image-name.tar' which results in a image-name.tar.gz file.

    - "/path/to/image-name.tar.gz"
    - "/path/to/another-image-name.tar"

Run a Command

device-init can execute a list of commands on boot. e.g.:

  - "apt-get install package-name"
  - "curl | sh"

Make sure that the command lines do not produce YAML syntax errors. You can check here

Hypriot Cluster-Lab

device-init can start the Hypriot Cluster-Lab on start up by setting the 'run_on_boot' option to 'true'.

    run_on_boot: "false"

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