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o Include santalucia.wav in demo-filters/ tree for ease of

  According to
  Fons Adriaensen, this file is (c) Angelo Farina who granted
  permission to do 'whatever he wants with it'
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1 parent d629c88 commit 23c9e13d00c5aff604782926566c77b39473c32f @hzeller committed Sep 23, 2012
@@ -78,11 +78,12 @@ with the `-c <config-dir>` option. Very useful is the `-p <port>` that starts
a HTTP status server. Let's use some example filters from this distribution;
if you are in the Folve source directory, you find the directory `demo-filters/`
that contains subdirectories with filters.
-Let's choose the lowpass and highpass filter to play with:
+Let's choose some filters to play with:
$ mkdir /tmp/test-mount
- $ ./folve -c demo-filters/lowpass -c demo-filters/highpass -p 17322 -f \
- /path/to/your/directory/with/flacs /tmp/test-mount
+ $ ./folve -c demo-filters/SantaLucia -c demo-filters/lowpass \
+ -c demo-filters/highpass -p 17322 -f \
+ /path/to/your/directory/with/flacs /tmp/test-mount
Now you can access the fileystem under that mount point; it has the same
structure as your original directory.
@@ -104,10 +105,6 @@ directory with the `fusermount` command:
$ fusermount -u /tmp/test-mount
-(If you want some church-like reverb example, check out
-`demo-filters/SantaLucia/` - follow the README there how to get the necessary
-IR wav).
### Filter Configuration ###
Filters are essentially *.wav files containing an impulse response (IR). This is
used by jconvolver's convolution engine to create a
14 demo-filters/SantaLucia/
@@ -1,14 +0,0 @@
-The result of this filter sounds like the music is playing in a big church.
-This filter is created from an actual impulse response measurement
-in the Santa Lucia Basilica in Bologna, Italy. Measurement is (C) Angelo Farina.
-To use this filter, you need to get the IR file from the jconvolver
-sample distribution. Issue the following commands in this directory
-(which is demo-filters/SantaLucia in Folve)
- wget
- tar xvjf jconvolver-reverbs.tar.bz2
-Now you can add this filter to your Folve invocation with:
- -c demo-filters/SantaLucia
12 demo-filters/SantaLucia/filter-44100.conf
@@ -29,15 +29,11 @@
# the IR was measured using a gun shot, and consequently
# the frequency response is not really flat.
-# The file 'santalucia.wav' can be found in
+# The file 'santalucia.wav' can be found originally in
-# The wave-file is relative to this directory in reverbs/ :
-/cd reverbs
+# .. but it is included in this directory.
# in out partition maxsize density
# --------------------------------------------------------
/convolver/new 2 2 256 204800 0.5
@@ -50,7 +46,9 @@
/impulse/read 2 2 4e-3 500 1400 0 2 santalucia.wav
# Mix in original signal, with factor 0.4 (~ -8dB); the rest will be
-# filled in with the reverb effect.
+# filled in with the reverb effect. Watch your syslog or the Folve HTTP status
+# page to see if there is any clipping - then you need to adapt the ratios
+# here.
/impulse/dirac 1 1 0.4 0
/impulse/dirac 2 2 0.4 0
BIN demo-filters/SantaLucia/santalucia.wav
Binary file not shown.

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