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FMD (Douban FM Daemon)

FMD stands for Douban FM Daemon, inspired by MPD (Music Player Daemon). FMD plays music from Douban FM in background and communicate with clients through TCP connections.


  • lynnard/fmd: Support, local music cache, AAC file format


The main config file is ~/.fmd/fmd.conf. Config file includes several sections.

In DoubanFM section, there are the following config items:

channel [int]       # Douban FM Channel id
uid     [int]       # Douban FM user id
uname   [string]    # Douban FM user name
token   [string]    # Douban FM authorization token
expire  [int]       # token expire time
kbps    [string]    # Prefered bitrate (only affect pro users)

kbps is default to (empty), pro users can set it to 192 to get a better music quality. For non-pro users, any value would be ignored and the mp3 bitrate is 64.

To get a complete channel list, try:

wget -q -O - "" | json_pp

To get your own uid, uname, token and expire, try:

wget -q -O - --post-data="email=[email]&password=[passwd]&app_name=radio_desktop_win&version=100" ""

Replace [email] and [passwd] with your douban account and password.

In Output section, there are the following config items:

driver  [string]    # audio output driver, default is "alsa"
device  [string]    # audio output device, can be omitted
rate    [int]       # audio ouput rate, default to 44100

As FMD uses libao for audio output, users may found it useful to refer to libao's driver document when deciding which driver to use. For example, users of PulseAudio should change the Output section to:

driver = pulse
device = 0
rate = 44100

And for Mac users:

driver = macosx
device =
rate = 44100

In Server section, there are the following config items:

address [string]    # server listen address, default to "localhost"
port    [string]    # server listen port, default to "10098"

Please create a config file before using FMD. A sample config file is:

channel = 0
uid = 123456
uname = username
token = 1234abcd
expire = 1345000000
kbps =

driver = alsa
device = default
rate = 44100

address = localhost
port = 10098


The communication between FMD and clients go throught TCP connection.

Commands client can send are play, stop, pause, toggle, skip, ban, rate, unrate, info, channels, setch and end.

  • play: start playing
  • stop: stop playing, and set play position to 0:00
  • pause: stop playing
  • toggle: toggle between playing and pause
  • skip: skip current song
  • ban: mark current song as "dislike"
  • rate: mark current song as "like"
  • unrate: unmark current song
  • info: simply get FMD info
  • channels: list available channels
  • setch: change channel on the fly
  • end: tell FMD to exit

Note: The recommand way to exit FMD is killall fmd. Because the end command must be sent from the client and will left the FMD port in wait-close for several minutes, during which time new FMD instance cannot bind to the port.


FMD responses to all commands except end, the reponse is a json string containing current FMD infomation.

   "len" : 0,
   "sid" : 967698,
   "status" : "play",
   "channel" : 0,
   "like" : 0,
   "artist" : "花儿乐队",
   "album" : "幸福的旁边",
   "cover" : "",
   "url" : "/subject/1404476/",
   "user" : "小强",
   "pos" : 5,
   "title" : "别骗我",
   "year" : 1999

The simplest FMD client is telnet:

telnet localhost 10098
Trying ::1...
Connection failed: Connection refused
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
{"status":"play","channel":0,"user":"小强","title":"What's My Name (Intro #1)","artist":"Rihanna / Drake", "album":"Promo Only Rhythm...","year":2010,"cover":"","url":"/subject/5951920/","sid":1561924,"like":0,"pos":107,"len":254}
{"status":"pause","channel":0,"user":"小强","title":"What's My Name (Intro #1)","artist":"Rihanna / Drake", "album":"Promo Only Rhythm...","year":2010,"cover":"","url":"/subject/5951920/","sid":1561924,"like":0,"pos":111,"len":254}
{"status":"play","channel":0,"user":"小强","title":"What's My Name (Intro #1)","artist":"Rihanna / Drake", "album":"Promo Only Rhythm...","year":2010,"cover":"","url":"/subject/5951920/","sid":1561924,"like":0,"pos":111,"len":254}
{"status":"error","message":"wrong command: help"}

FMC is a command line client for FMD.


FMD is written in C and depends on libcurl (for api calls and music downloading), json-c (for API parsing), mpg123 (for music decoding) and libao (for music playing).

Currently, there is no binary distribution for this project. So compile from source is the only option. FMD has been tested on Linux and Mac OS X 10.7.

git clone
cd fmd
make release

Utilities for Linux

To generate you configure file automaticly, change your douban account & password in, then:

mkdir -p ~/.fmd
./ > ~/.fmd/fmd.conf

Even more, to run fmd on boot in Ubuntu (and some other Linux distribution with init.d), run as root: