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Syndie is an open source system for operating distributed forums, offering a secure and consistent interface to various anonymous and non-anonymous content networks.
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This is Syndie, an anonymity-aware distributed forum.

Up to date information about Syndie can be found over at

This package contains:
- INSTALL: how to build and install Syndie from source
- CHANGES: change log for Syndie
- CREDITS: who has contributed to the Syndie development effort
- LICENSE: license information for the Syndie codebase
- data/: various resources e.g. images, db updates, etc.
- doc/syndie.1: unix style manual page for the syndie command
- doc/web/: HTML documentation for Syndie
- bin/: contains the main Syndie commands, sample Syndie scripts,
        and an example perl CGI for operating an HTTP archive
- lib/: compiled java libraries
- resources/: misc. things not shipped in syndie.jar
- src/: source code
- build.xml: build the java code

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