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Can't switch to workspace 6... Mod4+6 not working (azerty keyboard) #3269

pir2open opened this Issue Apr 27, 2018 · 4 comments


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pir2open commented Apr 27, 2018

------------------------------------ Updated version ------------------------------------
issue 1 non detection of some conflicting keys with non us keyboard layout. (ie mod+shift+r won't complain as usually about duplicate shortcut)
issue 2 default config file (repo version of i3 in solus os 3.999 ) for azerty keyboard got a key conflict :
- mod+minus is used by scratchpad
- mod+6 is used by desktop switcher
But on an azerty keyboard minus and 6 is on the same physical key.

PS : I let these two issues grouped as resolving the 1st one will prevent creation of wrong config like in issue 2

------------------------------------ Original post ------------------------------------

Output of i3 --moreversion 2>&- || i3 --version:
Binary i3 version: (03-13-2018) © 2009 Michael Stapelberg and contributors
Running i3 version: (03-13-2018) (pid 4073)ort…)
Loaded i3 config: /home/moi/.config/i3/config (Last modified: ven. 27 avril 2018 18:25:14 CEST, 1343 seconds ago)

The i3 binary you just called: /usr/bin/i3
The i3 binary you are running: i3-with-/i3

URL to a logfile as per

What I did:
I’m pressing Mod4+6 (switch to workspace 6)

What I saw:
the component which currently got focus blinks like when i use a valid shortcut (for example pressing Mod4+e (layout toggle split) while writing that text makes this textfield border blinks, while pressing Mod4+) (which is undefined in my config file) doesn't make it blink)
So i'm pretty sure i3 recognizes Mod4+6 as a shortcut
Thought it doesn't change to workspace 6...

What I expected instead:
I expected reaching workspace 6 as all workspaces (1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,0) switch work great except that one.
BTW Mod4+Shift+6 works as intended and move the current window to the desktop 6 but i then need to reach it using my mouse in the desktop switcher (in status bar)
Also binding 'workspace $ws6' to any available shortcut (for example mod4+b) instead of Mod4+6 will work : switch to workspace 6 as intended

same result with default config (tested right after a newly created config file using i3-config-wizard)
NB azerty keyboard here ... so is that an issue with mod4+- (meta+minus) ?

I installed i3 by using default repo from my distribution :
lsb_release -a
LSB Version: 1.4
Distributor ID: Solus
Description: Solus
Release: 3.999
Codename: shannon

@i3bot i3bot added the 4.15 label Apr 27, 2018

@orestisf1993 orestisf1993 added the bug label Apr 27, 2018


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orestisf1993 commented Apr 27, 2018

Can you please produce a new log but with only pressing the buggy binding?


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pir2open commented Apr 27, 2018

Ok after a (very) little digging i can confirm it's Mod4+minus which cause the issue i found a scratchpad window relative command in my config file associated with that shortcut.
BTW don't really know why but this was also blocking the mod4+Right shortcut (meanwhile Mod4+Shift+Right was working and Mod4+l too), weird but whatever disabling Mod4+minus shortcut repair both issues.

So the real issue is : non detection of conflicting keys with non us keyboard layout. as on an azerty keyboard minus and 6 is on the same physical key. And also issue in default config file (at least for azerty keyboard and for the repo version of i3 in solus os)

@orestisf1993 : i guess there 's no need to digg further as we won't debug case of key binded multiple times (ain't a use case, but a misuse).Also ty for the tags : missed that part sry ^^


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orestisf1993 commented Apr 28, 2018

@stapelberg for example in a QWERTY keyboard, should we be able to bind both percent and 5 to different commands?


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stapelberg commented May 3, 2018

The supported way to accomplish that would be to specify the shift modifier:

bindsym $mod+5 workspace 5
bindsym $mod+Shift+5 workspace 55

The symbol itself will be looked up with/without shift, so that $mod+Shift+a works (instead of requiring $mod+Shift+A).

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