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Homebridge Verified

This package is deprecated, please use ( instead


npm npm verified-by-homebridge

Homebridge plugin that supports Genie Aladdin garage door opener.
This plugin is not affiliated with the Genie company.

This plugin is a combo of:

Mainly, so you can put username and password into your homebridge config, rather than hardcoding them into javascript, or devising a system to pass them on through docker secrets (I've done both). Also, homebridge won't be forking a shell and an extra node process every time it needs to issue a command, which (considering the state monitoring every 15 seconds) saves quite a lot of CPU cycles.


This easiest way to use this plugin is to use homebridge-config-ui-x.
To configure manually, add to the accessories section of Homebridge's config.json after installing the plugin.


"accessories": [
    "accessory": "AladdinConnectGarageDoorOpener",
    "name": "Garage Door",
    "username": "",
    "password": "",
    "status_update_delay": 15,
    "poll_state_delay": 20,
    "device_number": 0,
    "garage_number": 1,
    "battery_low_level": 15,
    "ignore_errors": true,
    "log_polling": false,
    "allow_debug": false


Parameter Description
accessory Must always be "AladdinConnectGarageDoorOpener" (required)
name Name of the Garage Door
username Your Aladdin Connect username (email address). NOTE: use 'owner' username. Delegated access does not work
password Your Aladdin Connect password
status_update_delay Time to have door in opening or closing state (defaults to 15 seconds)
poll_state_delay Time between polling for the garage door's state (leave blank to disable state polling)
device_number Genie Aladdin Connect device number (0-2). Defaults to 0
garage_number Garage number (1-3). Defaults to 1
battery_low_level Threshold for low battery warning
ignore_errors true/false. Causes the plugin to replace 'STOPPED' status with 'CLOSED' (defaults to false)
log_polling true/false. Poll logs only show on error; Set to true to log every poll (defaults to false)
allow_debug true/false. Dumps a lot of debug info to stdout. (defaults to false)


I was unable to get proper response from the API when I used a secondary (invited) Aladdin Connect credentials. As a workaround, I had to use the primary login credentials instead. I advise you do the same.

The ignore_errors config option is in place to prevent false OPEN events from occuring if the aladdin connect API fails to respond. Events where STOPPED is replaced with CLOSED are logged, but consider this a word of caution that setting this option to true ignores errors and could incorrectly report your garage door as CLOSED when it is not.