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imageHandler is a PHP (gd) back end class package managing

  • crop region, resize, adapt size and convert
  • of bmp, jpg, gif, png, xbmp and xbm image types with preserved proportions and (for gif/png) transparency.

ImageHandler offers also availability 'on-the-fly'

  • using a web (REST GET/PUT, json) service interface.

Anonymous (source and/or output) filenames (without extension) and remote image resources are supported.

The imageHandler interface is simple :

  • the source image filename or url

  • the crop, (re-)size and/or adapt directives in pixels or percent of the source image size.

If the crop and size arguments are set simultaneously, cropping is done before (re-)sizing.

The imageHandler output mode is

  • download, will open a 'save file'-box in browser
  • stream, (default) usable in a 'src' statement in a HTML page, (showing a 'thumbnail')
  • save, saves (cropped/resized/adapted) image on disk

Output image type for the managed image is (default) png. Non-resizable images types are returned 'as is'.

The class package includes

  • the PHP imageHandler class, doing the hard work,
  • the PHP interface script, offering service availability,
  • a PHP 'index.php' page, usable for testing, evaluating and/or image reviewing, including a (separate) editable image crop/resize test schema.

The imageHandler class and index page supports PEAR log class or equivalents.

imageHandler is free for personal, evaluating and testing use, for commercial licences, visit!


imageHandler is a PHP (gd) back end class package converting and/or resizing images (thumbnails) on-the-fly.






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