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My entry for ModJam #3
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Crafting recipes:

Sync Core:- (change ender pearl with beacon for HardcoreMode) [Daylight Sensor] [Lapis Block] [Daylight Sensor] [ Nether Quartz ] [Ender Pearl] [ Nether Quartz ] [ Emerald ] [RedstoneBlk] [ Emerald ]

Shell Constructor:- [ Obsidian ] [Sync Core ] [ Obsidian ] [Glass Pane] [Glass Pane] [Glass Pane] [ Obsidian ] [ Redstone ] [ Obsidian ]

Shell Storage:- [ Obsidian ] [ Sync Core ] [ Obsidian ] [Glass Pane] [ Iron Block ] [Glass Pane] [ Obsidian ] [Iron Pressure Plate] [ Obsidian ]

Treadmill:- [ ] [ ] [Daylight Sensor] [Black Carpet] [Black Carpet] [ Iron Bar ] [ Obsidian ] [ Obsidian ] [ Redstone ]


Mod use:

This mod provides clones, or as we like to call it, "shells". These shells are basically a new individual, with their own inventory, experience level, and even gamemode.

However, what they lack, is a mind to control them. That's where the player comes in. Each shell is biometrically tied to the player who's sample is used to create it, and will allow the player to "sync" their mind to the other shell, essentially creating multiple player instances.

Place a shell constructor down and right click it to provide a sample (warning, this hurts!). The shell constructor cannot work without power, so put a treadmill down next to it and lure a Pig or a Wolf to the center of the treadmill to generate Piggawatts. A lead will help out out with this (you will get it back). The shell constructor will begin building a shell.

Once the shell is constructed, you need to place down a shell storage unit and supply redstone power to it. The indicator will switch to green and you can walk into the storage unit to activate it. You will see a radial menu pop up with the list of available shells and their positions. Select the shell in the constructor (labelled with the "Done" indicator) and watch as you are synced into the new shell.

Shell syncing works cross dimensional too! Get to the nether and back through a shell! However, you cannot enter or leave shells in the end due to.... technical difficulties.

By default, shells provide an "extra life" to the player. When the shell you are using dies, you will immediately resync to the nearest shell available. You can mark a preference shell by right clicking a storage unit with a bed, labelling it as a home storage unit. You can also name storage units with a name tag. This "extra life" feature works in Hardcore mode, so if you have an active backup shell you will not be forced to abandon a hardcore world, but instead resync to another shell.


For modders:

If you wish for your entity to be able to used on the treadmill, you need to send an IMC to "Sync" with the key as "treadmill" and the message in the format classPath:power. classPath has to include the packages as well eg net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityWolf. Power has to be an integer.


FMLInterModComms.sendMessage("Sync", "treadmill", "net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityWolf:4");

Will register EntityWolf with the power of 4



This mod is loosely based off CorridorDigital's Sync web series (go check it out, seriously!), but the idea for it came from GTA V's character switching.

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