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PokéMesh translation project.

How to translate:

  • Fork the repository
  • Optionally star and watch to get notified every time we update the strings

Step by step if you are going to create a new translation:

  • Create the localized directory with the localized name (I.E values-fr for French, values-it for Italian, values-es for Spanish etc.)
  • Copy and paste the two files with the original strings /values/strings.xml and /values/faq.xml in the new directory.
  • Start the translations by leaving the key unmodified (I.E Stop scan - pokemesh_stop_scan is the key and doesnt need translations. "Stop scan" is what you have to translate. Checkout the italian translation to understand the way)
  • Create pull requests to submit your translations

Step by step if you are going to update an existing translation:

  • On each update we will update the original resources inside the directory "values". The new strings will be added at the bottom of the file.
  • Copy and paste the new strings to the bottom of the localized file
  • Translate and submit with a new pull request

Additional notes:

  • Resources that have the special key translatable="false" doesn't require translations. These strings will be added at the top of the original file and you don't have to copy paste them into your origianl file.
  • Resources that include characters like %s or %d needs translations and you need to add them to your translations. (I.E there are %s around. would be translated in italian as follow (Italian): "Ci sono %s nei dintorni".)
  • Translations that includes a ', must be precedeed by a slash. (I.E I'll buy some candies should be added as this: i'll buy some candies. An italian example: "L'app funziona" should be add as "L'app funziona")

For additional questions and support, feel free to join our Discord:

Get the app: