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Try Yii2 with Vagrant VM + Ansible provisioning

Out of the box...

  • Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit ( + bulk of system soft like mc, curl, etc.)
  • PHP-FPM 5.5 ( + modules intl, gd, xdebug etc.)
  • Nginx 1.6
  • MySQL 5.5
  • Composer
  • phpMyAdmin 4.0
  • Adminer 4.1.0
  • Redis 2.8 ( + PhpRedis)
  • MongoDB 2.6.1 ( + php_mongo)
  • PostgreSQL 9.3
  • Sqlite 2.8.17
  • Memcached 1.4.14 ( + php5_memcached)
  • Imported Sakila DB for playing around
  • And of course Yii2 Advanced Project template imported
  • Local IP loop on Host machine /etc/hosts and Virtual hosts in Nginx already set up too !

Quick start


  • Virtualbox 4.3+ + VirtualBox Extension Pack
  • Vagrant 1.7+ additional Vagrant modules will be installed automatically (vagrant-hostmanager, vagrant-vbguest, vagrant-cachier)`
  • Install Vagrant plugins
    vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager vagrant-vbguest vagrant-cachier
    (these plugins will be checked and installed automatically, but vagrant up will fail on the first run, just re-run it if you'll get Unknown configuration section error)

You don't need to have Ansible installed on host machine. It will be installed on VM and self-provisioning will be launched. So it is possible to run everything on Windows machine.


  • Clone this sources from Git
  • Run vagrant up.
  • It will start VM creation and Provisioning. Could take some time 15-30 min... Drink coffee and get back for complete virtual server with Yi2 project ready for play !
  • If you got an error regarding Composer and GitHub API requests limitation during provisioning - go to /provisioning/main.yml, uncomment var and add your GitHub oAuth token into github_oauth_token variable

Supported Host OS :

  • Ubuntu-based Linux 14.04+ - main tests and development, works the best
  • Windows 7 Home - rarely tested to bring some compatibility, but additional Your experience with Vagrant on Windows could be required
  • MacOS - not tested by maintainer, but assumed to work fine as there is no know big issues with Vagrant on MacOS

Note for Windows OS users

  • Windows Firewall or any Antivirus software can cause some blocks on Vagrant start process. First of all to 'hosts' file modification. Be sure you turned them off (temporary) or set them up properly.
  • In case you get default: warning: connection refused. Retying... messages and Vagrant never boot successfully - it seems to be a VirtualBox issue. Try to install some older VBox version. It is tested to work on Virtual Box 4.3.6.
  • On Windows 8 some issues are reported due to Hyper-V enabled. You should disable it if you experience issues with VirtualBox machines.
  • use Git Bash if possible to make vagrant ssh working out of the box.


Ok, now if everything went fine you can access these Urls in your browser

Note : These local domains .local will be available on your host machine only if hosts file was modified correctly. It should be done automatically by vagrant-hostsmanager plugin. But if url http://yii2.local/ or other is not found by your browser - make sure your hosts file contain correct assignment of VM IP and local domains:
It should have such lines : yii2.local admin.yii2.local phpmyadmin.yii2.local adminer.yii2.local

File location. On Linux /etc/hosts. On Windows %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Let's make something

Input there ...  
Table Name : actor  
Model Class : Actor  
Namespace : frontend\models

Press - Preview and then Generate
Input there ...  
Model Class : frontend\models\Actor  
Search Model Class : frontend\models\ActorSearch  
Controller Class : frontend\controllers\ActorController

Press - Preview and then Generate
  • And now your Actor CRUD page is generated. You can access it here http://yii2.local/index.php?r=actor
  • Continue playing with other Models, modify code (on your host machine in folder .../try-yii2/yii2-app-advanced) make relations between Models etc. Whatever you wish!

Getting deeper ...

  • In try-yii2 folder run vagrant ssh to access virtual dev server via SSH. You can modify and setup additionally anything you want.
  • Or modify Ansible provisioning YML files (if you are familiar with it) and run vagrant provision to update server config (WARNING! I can't guarantee that your changes will not be overwritten!)


  • Sphinx
  • Elastic Search
  • yii-basic-template checkout (http://basic.yii2.local)
  • automatic Model / CRUD generation via Cli command

Made by Evgeniy Kuzminov. Thanks for support to Anton Logvinenko.


Try Yii2 with Vagrant VM + Ansible provisioning = Complete readymade virtual server playground




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