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CITS4406 - Assignment 2

Provide a Python file to perform basic cleansing and statistical analysis on data provided via a csv file. Ideally structure the project so that other students can easily pick up/extend the functionality at a later date.

Data types

  • Int
  • Float
  • Enumerated
  • Str


  • Inconsistent row lengths
  • Inconsistent types within columns
    • '-', dash character instead of ''
  • Blank values

Desired analysis

  • Numerical
    • Minimum
    • First Quartile
    • Median
    • Mean
    • Third Quartile
    • Maximum
    • Mode
  • Top 5 occurring results


  • Boolean type?
  • Dates type
  • Geo-cords type
  • Cleansing of '<1', numeric values with characters - Currently excluded/not matched.
  • Implement testing
  • Nice to have handling of multiple input files?
  • Create makefile with venv included to allow easier use of things like jinja2?

You can run the project by extracting the zip, and running 'python3 csv filename here'.

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