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This is a collection of Scripts used to extend the functionality of Jamf Pro’s management capabilities.

These Scripts are not official Jamf products and are provided without warranty. Do not contact Jamf Support to ask for help using these Scripts as scripting is unsupported except as a paid engagement with Professional Services.

There are four categories of Scripts on this GitHub: API Scripts, macOS Scripts, Extension Attributes, and Snippets. Each category is in a directory named the same, and there is a README inside each directory detailing its contents.

API Scripts can be run on anything that can run Bash. They do not need to be deployed to computers enrolled in Jamf Pro.

macOS Scripts are written to be deployed via a Jamf Pro Policy to a macOS device.

Extension Attributes are used to collect additional Inventory information for computers enrolled in Jamf Pro.

Snippets are little pieces of code that might be useful to integrate into other projects. By themselves, they're usually pretty pointless.