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ketan-kothari [IMP] Remove codes which added gateway ip acl list
[IMP] Remove codes which added gateway ip acl list

Example : If you added gateway with ip to route your outbound calls. Then system will added your gateway ip ip in ACL list.
So when you make any calls from that calls accept trough ACL and getting AUTHENTICATION_FAIL [31] with Anonymous account in CDRs because you have not added that ip in ipsetting.
So i have removed this patch.

Note : Now onward if you want to allow your provider calls in ASTPP then you must need to add provider ip in ipsetting.
Latest commit cd8c369 Aug 8, 2018


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ASTPP is an Open Source VoIP Billing Solution for Freeswitch. It supports prepaid and postpaid billing with call rating and credit control. It also provides many other features such as,

  • Prepaid / Postpaid account management
  • Multi level Reseller management with personalization
  • Calling card support
  • Least cost routing (LCR)
  • DID management
  • IP & SIP Termination
  • Rates management
  • Free Package management
  • Integrated paypal payment gateway
  • Invoicing & Billing
  • Reports

and many more

Getting started with ASTPP

For a standard installation please follow the Setup instructions from the documentation.

Then follow quick setup guide


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