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iRobot® Create® Platform interfaces

ROS 2 action, message, and service definitions used by the iRobot® Create® Platform.

For more information about ROS 2 interfaces, see

Actions (.action)

  • AudioNoteSequence: Play a given set of notes from the speaker for a given number of iterations.
  • Dock: Command the robot to dock into its charging station.
  • DriveArc: Command the robot to drive along an arc defined by radius.
  • DriveDistance: Command the robot to drive a defined distance in a straight line.
  • LedAnimation: Command the lights to perform specified animation.
  • NavigateToPosition: Command the robot to drive to a goal odometry position using simple approach that rotates to face goal position then translates to goal position then optionally rotates to goal heading.
  • RotateAngle: Command the robot to rotate in place a specified amount.
  • Undock: Command the robot to undock from its charging station.
  • WallFollow: Command the robot to wall follow on left or right side using bump and IR sensors.

Messages (.msg)

  • AudioNote: Command the robot to play a note.
  • AudioNoteVector: Command the robot to play a sequence of notes.
  • Button: Status for a button.
  • DockStatus: Information about the robot sensing its dock charging station.
  • HazardDetection: An hazard or obstacle detected by the robot.
  • HazardDetectionVector: All the hazards and obstacles detected by the robot.
  • InterfaceButtons: Status of the 3 interface buttons on the Create® robot faceplate.
  • IrIntensity: Reading from an IR intensity sensor.
  • IrIntensityVector: Vector of current IR intensity readings from all sensors.
  • IrOpcode: Opcode detected by the robot IR receivers.
  • KidnapStatus: Whether the robot is currently kidnapped or not.
  • LedColor: RGB values for an LED.
  • LightringLeds: Command RGB values of 6 lightring lights.
  • Mouse: Reading from a mouse sensor.
  • SlipStatus: Whether the robot is currently slipping or not.
  • StopStatus: Whether the robot is currently stopped or not.
  • WheelStatus: Current/PWM readings from the robot's two wheels in addition to whether wheels are enabled.
  • WheelTicks: Reading from the robot two wheels encoders.
  • WheelVels: Indication about the robot two wheels current speed.

Services (.srv)

  • EStop: Set system EStop on or off, cutting motor power when on and enabling motor power when off.
  • ResetPose: Reset the robot pose estimate to the specified value.
  • RobotPower: Power off robot.