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Introspy is a set of iOS and Android tools designed to help understand what an iOS or Android application is doing at runtime and assist in the identification of potential security issues.

This is the repository for Introspy-Analyzer, a tool to turn a database generated by Introspy-iOS or Introspy-Android into an HTML report.

For more information about Introspy-Android see:

For more information about Introspy-iOS see:


To install Introspy-Analyzer, you can either install it as a package so it can be executed from anywhere (recommended) or just clone this repo and run it as a script.

As a package:

pip install git+
# (From anywhere)
python -m introspy <args>

Or locally:

git clone
python Introspy-Analyzer.introspy <args>

Generating HTML Reports

Introspy-Analyzer requires Python 2.6 or 2.7.

Introspy-iOS or Introspy-Android should first be run on the tester's device in order to collect information about the application to be reviewed. This data will be stored in a database on the device.

With Introspy-iOS

For iOS, databases can be fetched directly by Introspy-Analyzer over SSH:

python -m introspy -p ios -o output -f

With Introspy-Android

For Android, the database will first have to be manually recovered (for example using adb). Then, a report can be generated using:

python -m introspy -p android -o output introspy-android.db

Command Line Output

While the HTML formatted report is the most digestable format, Introspy-Analyzer can also be used directly from the command-line to display all recorded function calls:

python -m introspy -p ios -l introspy.db

Enumerations - iOS Only

For iOS databases, Introspy-Analyzer also allows users to enumerate various data from the list of traced calls (via --info), inlcuding a list of all of the unique URLs accessed by the application (urls) and all files accessed (files).

python -m introspy -p ios -i urls introspy.db


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