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An attractive, exquisite theme for Hexo. named "Hiker", short for "HikerNews".

☞ Live Preview | ✎ Hiker 中文版使用文档

Desktop Preview Post Preview Mobile Preview

This is DEMO source which you can refer to:


  1. Get it from GitHub
 $ git clone themes/hiker
  1. Enable

Modify theme setting in _config.yml to hiker.

# Extensions
## Plugins:
## Themes:
theme: hiker
  1. Update
 $ cd themes/Hiker
 $ git pull


Homepage background

You could place the image file in YOUR_HEXO_SITE\themes\hiker\source\css\images directory. and modify home_background_image in hiker/_config.yml.

# Homepage
# eg. home_background_image: [css/images/home-bg.jpg,]
# eg. mode: image | polyline | trianglify
  enable: true
  mode: image
  rolling: true
  url: [css/images/home-bg.jpg, css/images/sample.jpg,]

There are 3 modes to select:

  • image
  • polyline
  • trianglify

image mode is default, trianglify mode is from Trianglify, looks like below.

polyline mode: if you DON'T want any image as your homepage background, you can use this mode. Or you can keep enable true, then set url of home_background_image empty in hiker/_config.yml, you will have an default homepage with random decorative pattern.

Code Highlight Theme

Hiker use Tomorrow Theme for your code block. We have six options in total: default, normal, night, night blue, night bright, night eighties

code default theme Preview

Above preview picture is default theme. the image below show other five Highlight themes.

code themes

Modify highlight_theme in hiker/_config.yml.

# Code Highlight theme
# Available value:
#    default | normal | night | night eighties | night blue | night bright
highlight_theme: default

Blog Theme Color

Hiker provide five color themes for your blog.

theme colors

  • orange
  • blue
  • red
  • green
  • black

You can modify theme_color in hiker/_config.yml.

# Article theme color
# Available value:
#    random | orange | blue | red | green | black
theme_color: random

Night mode

Just for article reading. In article page, you can click the logo image of header to switch to Night mode.


Hiker use Insight Search to help you search anything inside your site without any third-party plugin.

# Search
    insight: true # you need to install `hexo-generator-json-content` before using Insight Search
    swiftype: # enter swiftype install key here
    baidu: false # you need to disable other search engines to use Baidu search, options: true, false

Attention: You need to install hexo-generator-json-content before using Insight Search.

$ npm install -S hexo-generator-json-content


Hiker uses Fancybox to showcase your photos. You can use Markdown syntax or fancybox tag plugin to add your photos.

![img caption](img url)

{% fancybox img_url [img_thumbnail] [img_caption] %}


You can put your sidebar in left side, right side or bottom of your site by editing sidebar setting. Hiker provides 5 built-in widgets:

  • category
  • tag
  • tagcloud
  • archives
  • recent_posts

All of them are enabled by default. You can edit them in widget setting.


Home Articles Default Open summary mode

post_excerpt: true

Comment support

Hiker has native support for DuoShuo & Disqus comment systems. Modify the following snippets to hiker hiker/_config.yml:

# comment ShortName, you can choose only ONE to display.
gentie_productKey: #your-gentie-product-key
livere_shortname: MTAyMC8yOTQ4MS82MDQ5

Browser support


All kinds of contributions (enhancements, new features, documentation & code improvements, issues & bugs reporting) are welcome.

Looking forward to your pull request.